Use case:
You see this kanji in newspaper : , but do not know what is it
You recognize 糸 , which you rememeber as "thread" keyword, or as "spiderman" - a popular nickname of this element.
also you recognize ⺾ element and you remember that it means "flower"
So... you should enter "spiderman" and "flower" in entry fields of the search engine. Each element please write on separate entry.
There are 3 entries at the moment (6 in future).
Execute search and get several kanji, each of them have both thread and flower in some form.
perhaps you may see a few additional kanji because of errors in the database - it will be fixed in future.

some words have a double meaning : as element (primitive) and as kanji. Example : owl.
in such case I rename primitive (call it owl0 for example) to avoid confusion.
the search engine should check a table of such words and to look for both possible meanings.

if you do not remember the exact word for primitive id, pls use the second search engine "by word".
Example: you remember that it was about "head" but not sure which one. So you may search for "head" to find all relevant enities